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About Ministry by Glisson Heldzinger

Glisson Heldzinger has a passion for learning and teaching from the bible, which he calls 'The Book of Secrets.' The Words contained in the bible are the tried, tested, unchanging and uncompromising - these are the true words of God and in them we find salvation and healing. Glisson travels to many places to minister in the lives of people so that they can grow as Christians, receive a breakthrough for their circumstances, receive healing and deliverance from sickness, disease and addiction. Many people have benefited from Glisson's teaching and preaching. Countless people have come to salvation and many have been healed from disability, chronic illness and set free from cigarette, drug and alcohol addiction under his ministry. 

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Glisson Heldzinger is the chairperson of Ladies of Hope. Ladies of Hope is a non-profit, public-benefit organization which was founded by Ms. Myrtle Williams. The organization began as a prayer-group and has now evolved into multifaceted-entity which serves various needs of communities in the Johannesburg South area. The activities of Ladies of Hope include, but are not limited to: a KFC-funded feeding scheme which feeds approximately 150 children daily; a drug-rehabilitation programme; a gender-based violence awareness programme; home-based care for the aged and terminally ill and an on-site hospice clinic providing palliative care for terminally ill patients. 

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Many churches do not have the resources to provide all of their congregants with bibles. In partnership with an international sponsor, Glisson Heldzinger Ministries is able to supply bibles FREE OF CHARGE to qualifying schools. The bible-distribution programme also extends to churches and drug-rehabilitation centres. Through bible-based mentoring programmes, people are taught about The Word of God using the Easy-to-Read Version of the bible, making it ideal for younger learners and also people who do not read very well and whose first language is not English. However, the programme is open to anyone who wants to learn more about God through His Word. If you are interested in implementing this life-changing programme in your church, school or organization, please complete the Contact Form for more information.

Bible distribution at Daleview Secondary School

Bible distribution at Daleview Secondary School

Bible distribution at Crystal Church Sharing Without Shame Centre

Certificate distribution at Crystal Church Sharing Without Shame Centre