Glisson Heldzinger

Unleash Your Inner Winner

About Glisson Heldzinger

Glisson J. Heldzinger is an author, motivational speaker, mentor and coach who has a passion for teaching and bringing out “the inner winner” that is inside of people. By developing innovative learning materials and systems, Glisson is fulfilling his mission to transform individuals and organizations into being the best they can possibly be and having the best they can possibly have. As a Christian teacher and minister, Glisson loves to enlighten people to the truths contained in the Holy Bible – which he calls ‘The Book of Secrets.’ In addition, Glisson has a passion for evangelism and praying for the sick.
As part of his social-responsibility strategy, Glisson dedicates many hours of his time to voluntarily teach, mentor and coach students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Glisson currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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The author has put his thoughts on paper and has written this outstanding, must-read, must-apply workbook for the benefit of your personal life. This book is very thought-provoking and easy to read. I guarantee that it will move all readers to do more in God’s kingdom and the nation.
I strongly recommend that all leaders, and people who are aspiring leaders, read YOU ARE VALUABLE with great urgency.
I want to encourage you to sit down and ponder after every chapter you have read and to look inward so that you can begin to see and bring out your own value and the great value in other people.
I believe that every reader will realize how valuable they are and that this book will inspire and bring out the untapped value in you and others who read it. I know that this book will make an enormous impact and contribution to the life of everyone who reads it.
My friends, as you read this well-scripted manual, may the Lord resurrect and raise you up in every area of your life, in the name of Jesus. May the Lord bless and prosper you as you read this wonderful book.
Foreword by Bishop Marcus R. Jacobs - December 2015
President – SACMIN
(South African Christian Ministers Network)