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The vast majority of people struggle to attain success, and sadly, they do not really know what it is that is holding them back.  In 'You Are Valuable' Glisson demystifies personal success by helping the reader to identify those factors which impede success and helps them to overcome these limiting factors. When someone has an accurate understanding of his value, the value of his gifts, and also the value of the gifts within others and begins to use those gifts as resources effectively, then success becomes less elusive. Read this book which has already transformed countless lives around the world, and you too will benefit from its powerful lessons in personal enlightenment and transformation. Click here to buy 'You Are Valuable' now.

Most learners at schools and students at university do not have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in order to study effectively. After having conducted research into learner effectiveness at public schools, it was discovered that the majority of learners do not know how to learn and study effectively. People have to learn how to learn. When learners write tests and examinations, they are like soldiers who have been fully dressed and armed for combat, and sent out into combat without adequate training, if any at all. Glisson has designed the ma3 Programme (matric accelerated academic achievement) in order to equip people with the necessary skills for effective life-ling learning. Many attendees of this course have excelled as a result of the information contained in this course. The programme is available for anyone 16 years and older, including adults who want to increase their personal learning effectiveness. The programme is available for schools, universities, study clubs and churches or any organization which can benefit from its people acquiring effective learning skills. Complete the Contact Form for more details on this programme.

No organization can achieve its goals without an ability to effectively solve the problems that it faces. In the dynamic world of business for companies, and ministry for churches, the need for effective problem-solvers in the organization is high. The organization will only be as effective as its people and it can only move as fast as its slowest member. If members are slow in solving problems, operating costs will sky-rocket and windows of opportunity will be missed. The deficit of the skill of effective problem-solving in an organization can be addressed through effective training. Glisson Heldzinger offers a short course on problem solving that will allow your organization to be more agile and profitable. Complete the Contact Form for more details on this programme.